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First of all, I have to answer the question: advantages over what? Of course there are other affordable and legal ways to make money. It is precisely these advantages that are responsible for the phenomenal development of MLM around the world. At the outset, I will emphasize that I am talking here only about the legitimate network business with a serious company that would not be confused with the illegal financial pyramids. The laws are different there.

As you can see from the picture, there are many different ways of making money in the world, but they can be grouped into 4 main groups. Networking business enables every person, regardless of his / her previous experience, to move gradually into the group of Business Owners and completely change their lives. That is why it is difficult to compare MLM with the workplace or traditional small business. Because of this major advantage, online business is nowadays extremely popular and continues to grow rapidly as an industry. But of course, the benefits of network marketing are much greater. Let’s look at the most basic of them, which is why more and more people are choosing this profession as a field for professional development.

Work in a comfortable team

In the networking business, every beginner personally begins to form his or her future structure by inviting first the people with whom he or she would like to work. No one in the network company can order him to “hire” a person who causes him discomfort. Over time, the newly formed team often communicates at events, sharing common goals, journeys and experiences that unite associates and make the MLM business atmosphere much more than a “work” one. Often in such cases, business development becomes a pleasure.

Ability to combine MLM with another business or core business

In MLM, there is no need to “burn bridges” starting a business, even on the contrary. Most people start a networking business in their free time and thus do not risk running out of income. In the initial stage, it is usually sufficient to set aside 1-2 hours a day or about 10-15 hours a week. In the future, when the structure begins to grow rapidly and demands more time, it is up to the individual to decide whether to terminate their previous work or continue to combine them.

Minimum amount of initial capital required

In the online business associate starts without renting office or shop premises, does not invest in goods or warehouse, does not hire staff, etc. Usually, in order to become an associate of a company, one first becomes a consumer of its products and buys for itself any necessary products. The value of the “starter pack” in most companies is an average of about USD 100. for products that the contributor selects. Practically with the same products you will buy for yourself from the store you can start your MLM business. The need for products at launch is compounded by the benefit of being able to see for yourself the personal experience of their benefits, as well as being able to show them to your candidates. Agree, this is a much smaller investment than raising a commodity to open a store, for example.

Absence of financial risk

If you don’t have to invest anything and buy personal goods, there is no financial risk. Becoming an associate even saves you money from buying products because you have the opportunity to shop at associate prices. What you pay for is what you get! Adding to this, and the lack of a need to quit your core job and the lack of obligations from your network company to you, it does not prevent you from trying your chance.

Own employment schedule

In MLM a person determines the volume, time and place of his activity. He decides whether to get up at 7 or 10 in the morning, when and with whom to meet, how long to go on his working day, and when to go on vacation… It all depends on his own “appetite” and his desire to satisfy him. If one is satisfied with 300lv. per month, he can not strain himself, working 8-10 hours a week, if he wants his income to reach 2000 USD, 3000 USD. or more, his work schedule will be more saturated. You choose it all yourself!

Unlimited financial perspective

The amount of money received in MLM depends solely on the sales volume personally achieved by the associate and his structure through the company’s products. In a network business, it is considered normal if a large network leader earns over € 50,000 a month and up. Such results, and even bigger ones, have been achieved by numerous leaders from different companies around the world, who generate huge turnover every month due to their development. It’s no secret that new millionaires are born every year in the network marketing industry.

High growth rates in career and income

In order to make a good career in a “standard” company, one usually takes five years to get an education, and then works hard for a few more years to become a professional. The rise in material ladder and, consequently, the growth of material well-being are limited by the number of management positions in the company. On the other hand, in MLM a successful career can be made in one year, starting from scratch without prior experience in the business and reaching an income of 2000-3000 USD per month. For example, at the networking company I work for, some of the most striking success stories in the last 5 years were of people who reached presidential levels in just 2-3 years of working with incomes of over $ 50k per month. In Israel, for the same period, many partners have reached incomes of over USD 3,000 per month and have already left their main job.

Of course, not all partners become stars, but statistics show that in MLM, 10% of serious business people reach great success, which is a very good achievement compared to traditional business, where 5% of small and medium-sized companies reach to its tenth anniversary, and the rest went bankrupt before. In the network business, most of the 3-5 year old network workers are completely satisfied with their stable monthly income, which results in a high level of efficiency. With a properly built structure in a trusted company and a well-established system for training and motivating people, the revenue of a networker could double every year!

The “Law of Success”, which was formed by the president of the World Network Marketing Association, Doris Wood, is called “One Plus One.” This means that if the contributor includes one person a month in his structure and all his partners do the same, then by the end of the year the structure will number 4096 people! In practice, of course, this is not exactly the case in a mathematical way, but it is worth considering this example. Imagine 4000 people being customers of your products and using and recommending them with pleasure. In any business, that would mean phenomenal success!

Independence between the career ladder and personal relationships with senior sponsors and the head of the company

In network marketing, a career depends 100% on the employee himself. Climbing the career ladder is carried out by an impartial computer that only records sales. In MLM, you cannot get up “with the links” or be promoted due to poor management relationships.

Ability to quickly master a new profession

In 1 – 2 years you can become a true MLM professional and you do not need to study dozens of subjects as you would at a regular university. The entire amount of knowledge and development techniques will be gradually passed on to you by your sponsor and the training system of your team and company. That is why it is extremely important before you start your MLM business to research what kind of training system your future sponsor offers. In the absence of an effective training system for new partners, it will be much harder for you to get into business and you will need to learn everything from your own experience, which will take you much longer to succeed.

Successful career does not depend on gender, age, education and nature of previous activity

There are many hosts in MLM who started at the age of 60 or even older and achieved impressive results. There are also young businessmen, teachers, psychologists, doctors and people from various industries. In this business, everything depends on the person and his / her desire and willingness to learn. Here, the philosophy of success is different from traditional business. Leaders strive to find simple methods that can be implemented by a wide variety of types of people.

Opportunity for personal development

Anyone who dreams of success and high income should know that, above all, he must become the person who deserves all this. This is one of the conditions for success in network marketing. If you dream of becoming a leader, you must first and foremost become an interesting person, which is impossible without broadening your horizons and deepening your knowledge in different fields. Prospective sponsors devote a great deal of power to the development of soybean collaborators, and the network companies themselves are not too expensive to invest in people. Most networking companies regularly train mid- to high-level associates in a variety of international destinations. The curriculum and the cultural program are necessarily combined and people return not only trained but also rested and loaded with new impressions. Often, the costs of such training in some companies are borne entirely by the company itself. This is a business for people who love to develop personally and travel the world!

Constant meeting new people

Every day, new people appear in the structure who are in direct contact with the current associates. In a structure of 100 people can find many “necessary” people – doctors, lawyers, bankers, artists, scientists … In the networking business from the very beginning you will have the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting personalities with whom in the ordinary environment of your communication you are unlikely to meet. Imagine how many benefits this would have for you.

Absence of dependence on external negative factors

Networks, unlike traditional business owners, do not encounter problems such as bad weather, raids on the site, rackets and the need for security. In MLM, the associate never fears that he will be fired and will suddenly lose everything he has been trying to do over the years. No insurance is required and your sleep will rest, knowing that even while you sleep your business is running and serving your clients.

International development opportunity

In most cases, networking companies offer the opportunity to involve in business and people from different countries who also do business internationally. Therefore, in MLM, it is not as important where you live as in a traditional local business or the job you need to move to where you work. The networking business is full of impressive examples of people from small cities who have built more successful businesses, even from associates living in multi-million dollar metropolitan areas. By engaging in a business associate from a different city or country, you start a business in your area.

You are not dependent on your time

In order to create, expand, and maintain your structure, you need to take the time, however, at times when you are not active, your business continues to operate. While you are with your family, while on vacation or even while you are sleeping your co-workers are selling, expanding their structure or just ordering for themselves. In a network business, a successful associate can enjoy a steady and secure income that he can reap even inheritance. This is the huge benefit of creating an income system with an MLM company. To be sure of your income you need to choose an MLM company with at least 10 years of history that has proven its stability. You would not want to start a business with a company that can go bankrupt in 3 years.

A good long-term perspective on crisis protection

Networking companies offer high-quality goods that are needed for a wide range of people and are hardly affected by financial crises. Can a crisis actually affect the relationship between the sponsor and the contributor? Or, for example, will a person refuse to use a product they are used to and need? Yes, it may use less as a result of the crisis, but it will be temporary and transitional. In addition, in times of crisis, people are beginning to look for alternative ways of income and often choose the network business as the best opportunity.

The creative nature of the work

Networking’s work is similar to the process of creating a good book. One fills her pages alone, and if the book is a success (a workable structure is created), it will bring a steady lifetime income to the author. The trained structure has the ability to reproduce itself, regardless of who the creator and parent is “doomed” to receive good income, which, as a rule, in MLM can even be inherited.

The nobility of business

Every networker is trying to sponsor more people, creating new jobs and more and more of his partners to achieve great success, because it will also mean success for himself. By creating more sponsor turnover, its partners and the company increase their profits, and this demonstrates a unique system in which everyone wins. This is not the case in traditional business. Often the profits of some are at the expense of the loss of others. In addition, through the online business, people buy high quality products, improving their lifestyle and enhancing their health. MLM is one of the few combinations of business and nobility in one person.

High degree of moral satisfaction with one’s own work

What is more joy than seeing people you invite to become free, healthy and rich? In the online business, you are developing an activity that you can offer anyone as a solution to their financial problems or, for example, lack of time for their family or busy lifestyle. In MLM, you can also find many friends who will be genuinely grateful and grateful for your success if you pass on their knowledge and support them in their success. It is a business with many moral advantages, and more properly, it is taken seriously by people who like to help others to achieve their own goals.

Written by

Yehoram Hillel

Yehoram Hillel works in the field of digital marketing and web analysis. In 2008, he was recognized as a Google Certified Trainer and to this day teaches professionals and business owners how to effectively use digital marketing advertising tools, analyze their results, and make decisions about future actions based on them. For the past 12 years, Yehoram Hillel has been a lecturer at international digital marketing events, and holds a certification program for Google AdWords and Google Analytics at universities and student organizations. His specialization is successful online shopping strategies, working on PPC campaigns of some of the worldwide e-commerce projects and their international digital communications.

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