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About me – Yehoram Hillel

Yehoram Hillel – Who am I?

Hello, I’m Yehoram Hillel. I work in the field of digital marketing and web analysis.

Yehoram Hillel
Yehoram Hillel – Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing

In 2008, I was recognized as a Google Certified Trainer and to this day I teach professionals and business owners how to effectively use digital marketing advertising tools, analyze their results, and make decisions about future actions based on them.

For the past 12 years, I have been a lecturer at international digital marketing events, and have hold a certification programs for Google AdWords and Google Analytics at universities and student organizations.

My specialty is successful online shopping strategies, working on PPC campaigns of some worldwide e-commerce projects and their international digital communications.

In the recent years I’m working for myself and Yehoram Hillel is my brand. You are welcome to read my blog and to contact me to discuss your digital marketing strategy.

Web Design

For more than 10 years I have been working on website design and SEO search engine optimization. Over the years, I have implemented numerous online projects for clients from Israel, England, Spain, Germany and France. I have a lot of experience in website development, online shopping, online advertising, marketing and almost everything related to internet business.

In the Services section, you can look at the web services I offer, which are at very good prices, so that more and more people can take advantage of the convenience of owning a website to expand their business and therefore increase revenue from it. From the Contacts section you can send all your inquiries and suggestions, and in the Portfolio you can see what I have already done.

The world of Marketing

Marketing is a trending word on the internet. About 13 900 000 results as of 01.02.2019. And have you been startled by all the nonsense about “marketing” that multiplies and distorts in the web space, every day?

Today, there is a trend in which every person and his or her environment has started to do “internet marketing”. It’s like something like a fashion trend or some current niche we fall into, only to disappear suddenly after a year. For a long time, this has been the case with internet marketing. Many do not know what exactly this is (with how much salt, how finely chopped and at what temperature it is cooked), but it seems that everyone is somehow… .. drawn into it.

How much, what and with what certainty should the knowledge we need to have? And the valid argument – if a person starts, manages or participates in any business, they need to know both the market and their customers. Otherwise, it will only waste time and resources while finding parameters to work with.

The approach we are following is monstrously broken. Consumers buy overpriced courses, get into all sorts of pseudo-marketing seminars, read emotionally impactful but completely empty blogs and then, acting on the advice given or read…. fail. But no one writes about failures, right?

It is usually manifested only if the results are good. And this is normal ladies and gentlemen ……. An entire gambling industry benefits precisely from this “filtered information blackout” and people’s inability to handle probabilities and fuzzy magnitudes. And here, we are landing as another information-focused website specializing in web marketing. And if we are really another, hardly distinguishable from many similar sites in our native Internet basket – you will decide for yourself.

If you think “I’m down,” you’re down.
If you think “I don’t dare”, you don’t dare.
If you say “I would,” but you mean “I can’t,”
you just can’t make it.

If you think you’re losing, you’re lost,
the anesthetic world will tell you,
success lies in your will
and is in your mental state.

If you think “I’m back,” you’re back,
he who thinks high does not fall.
You just have to be completely confident,
as soon as you go looking for a reward.

Not the strongest, nor the fastest
necessarily grab the bet,
but the person who wins the game,
is who THOUGHT “A3 CAN”.

What you’ll see on the site

  • Our approach will be straightforward, no nonsense and unverified data. We will not allow ourselves to be misled by false information that may inspire you, but it will not fulfill its promises.
  • We will explain in detail how things we will be writing about will give you practical examples and will try not to leave you with an impression that can mislead you greatly.
  • We will tell you directly when something is utterly absurd (in our opinion) and when it works steadily according to our experience and research. Regardless of the accepted facts, we will not hesitate to introduce ours.
  • We are skeptical and proud by nature, but we will admit immediately if we are wrong or if despite our strong skepticism, something is working well, sustainably and successfully.
  • We work with finite sources and data (studies, academic papers, and even papers under confidentiality clauses) by delving deeply into the psychology and behavior of the user before applying traditional analysis techniques.
  • Lastly, sometimes we will introduce you to interesting news from the endless digital world.

What you will not see on the site

  • No pizzas and secrets for easy money and similar tricks. We do not tolerate this approach and will not allow emotional waste to throw sand at your eyes.
  • Without ready techniques and tricks. Direct copy-methods, while easy to implement, can rarely fit any situation and can cause problems that are difficult to identify.

“We won’t explain how simple and easy things are – because they’re not. If it were simple and easy, everyone would do it successfully. In practice, matter is abstract and its field of application difficult to predict.

  • You will not see the sale of consulting services on our part, the organization of courses and the application of fair numbers to put some lion in the budget.
  • We are not all-knowing and God-anointed experts, confident in everything. Our team is made up of people. We will not push our achievements in your face because, let’s face it, success is something dramatically overrated. We want to be looked at entirely based on our competencies and nothing else.

Something different

The conceptual (and already practical) model is to make this site a kind of platform through which you can informatively and practically understand and track what tools, how, whether, and how much they work with regard to digital marketing.

In reality, this site will be a long-lasting and huge information platform and, at the same time, a practical platform where you will be able to directly monitor the results of published information on Marketing and Advertising, from me Yehoram Hillel.