3 rules for successful launch of your MLM business

Do you want to achieve your network business goals as quickly as possible?

If yes then you need to know the 3 basic rules for a successful and professional start. Many new partners are starting an MLM business with a too frivolous attitude and a naive expectation that without great effort, great efforts will be made. Don’t be one of them! Understand that what gives you great business results is first and foremost yourself. Your knowledge, your skills and your right actions are what guarantee your success. In this article I will share my 3 basic rules for a successful start. We start!

Rule One: Work with your sponsor

The first and basic rule for your success! Each new partner must start working with their sponsor. In person or online, you should have daily contact with your sponsor and carefully draw on his or her experience. Be Trained! The sponsor will teach you important development techniques, help you start thinking as a leader, and guide you through your daily steps in developing your business.

As a sponsor, I see or hear with my new partners every day and am interested in their development. Our common work begins the next day after the start with their personal Start Training. Together we schedule and hold their first meetings, and I aim to sponsor their first partners as soon as possible. I share my experience, tell stories and give my guidance and advice on a daily basis. Some of my partners organize one, three more meetings a day, and I strive to be all at least for the first 2 weeks to 1 month, as needed. This is an initial period of personal work in which I strive to teach them to make appointments, hold them, and finish them successfully. This is how a sponsor thinks, and you need to understand that he or she may be helpful and willing to come to meetings with you and support you. This is where you have a sponsor who understands the principles of this business and you use it for its intended purpose.

Rule Two: Talk to the right people

Yes, of course, you need to list everyone you think about in your candidate list – without selecting. This is basic advice and is completely true. Really write everyone down! Relatives, friends, colleagues, former classmates and the people who serve you daily. All! But what to do next? After you have all written down, take one color marker and tick all the ambitious people in this list. What does ambitious people mean? These are people who actually have results in life. They have a business of their own or they love to grow and learn. These are successful people. Exactly with them make the first meetings that will be with you and your sponsor. For the first meetings, choose the right people for your business. People with the ability to use products and do business. This will fill your team faster with quality partners to launch. However, if you want a successful team, this is most easily achieved with successful people.

Rule Three: Read books and attend events

The result in our lives is straightforward to what we are. On our skills and beliefs. Remember: In the Network Business, the person we work with the most is ourselves. The guaranteed way to succeed is to invest first and foremost in yourself. That’s what rich people do – before they pay their bills they invest in themselves and their development. It’s a magic formula. Read books, listen to audio trainings and watch videos. Do everything daily that enriches you.

Attending events will give you motivation and opportunity to communicate with successful leaders and partners. This is an opportunity to get personal advice from them. Take advantage of!

In our team, for example, we have built a strong system of training and support through which we provide the new partner with access from the outset to training materials, online trainings, as well as regular business presentation and training events. The system enables each partner to start on an equal footing and get the most out of himself regardless of how much his sponsor is capable of training him. If there is a similar training system in your company or team, use it. Don’t ignore it! It gathers the experience of your leaders and it is up to you to learn everything as quickly as possible.


The most important thing that helped me get started was the realization that every success has a price. You have to be prepared to pay the price for the success you desire. When I started I did not know the right people for business, I did not have the skills to communicate freely with people and I have to admit that it was quite difficult for me. The only things that helped me get started successfully were my strong desire and my ability to learn. Using the three rules I gave you in this video, you will achieve your goals and quite enviable results in the first three months of your launch. Use them! If you liked the article and thought it would be useful for other people, share it on social networks, then invest a little more time to read some of my other articles for successful MLM business development.

Written by

Yehoram Hillel

Yehoram Hillel works in the field of digital marketing and web analysis. In 2008, he was recognized as a Google Certified Trainer and to this day teaches professionals and business owners how to effectively use digital marketing advertising tools, analyze their results, and make decisions about future actions based on them. For the past 12 years, Yehoram Hillel has been a lecturer at international digital marketing events, and holds a certification program for Google AdWords and Google Analytics at universities and student organizations. His specialization is successful online shopping strategies, working on PPC campaigns of some of the worldwide e-commerce projects and their international digital communications.

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